Stress mastery

Stress is the result of exposure to pressurised situations over a long period of time. It can affect all aspects of our physical and emotional wellbeing, and if not identified early, can lead to burnout. The pace of life is increasingly busy and it is important to understand what factors are contributing to your stress levels so that you can effectively manage their impact. The key to managing stress is becoming aware of it - this means identifying what your trigger points are  by looking at how you respond. Below are some strategies that can help you to do this. 

  • Learn to recognise and manage signs of stress- these signs could be things such as frequent headaches, heartburn, nausea, stomach pain, difficulty concentrating, excessive sleeping or insomnia, obsessive or compulsive behaviours, constant fatigue, social withdrawal or isolation, irritability, or significant weight loss or gain. Simply be aware and scan your body each day for any areas that feel tight or affected by stress. 
  • Avoid unneccessary stress by reviewing your lifestyle - learn to say no and delegate at work, seek out positive company and take control of your environment. Try to change stressful situations by being assertive, willing to compromise and good at time management.