Having a connection to a wider purpose - beyond the day to day routine of work, family, and paying the bills - can act as a guiding light when times are tough. Beyond this, spirituality can act as your internal moral compass, helping you to make good and ethical decisions when faced with a dilemma. The term 'spirituality' has often being used alongside 'religious' however the two are certainly not the same thing. Spirituality has wider connotations than worshipping a conventional 'God' and can instead include the appreciation of a beautiful sunset or feeling connected to nature. The key is to find what works for you and spend time developing your understanding of this. 

  • Foster altruism - be of service to others. You have the opportunity to help another by contributing to their happiness, which in turn will help you treasure the things that you are grateful for in your own life. Dedicate yourself to a cause greater than yourself and you may find some happiness too, as it will make you feel like what you do in life actually matters (purpose!).
  • Mindfulness as a tool for self awareness - meditation, relaxation.
  • Read inspirational material.
  • Seek out flow-producing activities - these feel meaningful and are often regarded as the most transcendent moments of life. Flow experiences are those when you become completely absorbed in the moment. Increase your chance of having these by having a clear goal and enjoy the journey rather than seeking a payoff in order for it to be authentic.
  • Practice being non-judgemental and having an open mind.
  • Do things you love and you will attract more of that in your life, whether it be through work or other activities.
  • Take risks. Everything we experience in life helps us become one step closer to discovering our purpose through wisdom and strength.