Realistic optimism

The key here is the word 'realistic'. People with a relentlessly positive outlook on life risk being taken for a ride or overlooking the true danger in certain circumstances, and so it is wise to adopt a balanced approach to optimism. If your scores for realistic optimism are low, you may wish to start exploring the ways in which you can find a positive in even the most difficult of situations. This doesn't mean denying that the situation is unfortunate, difficult or sad, but having an open mind to the possibility that some learning or good might eventually come out of it. 

  • Develop opportunities to succeed and be realistic with your expectations.
  • Think about what could go wrong in a constructive way by deciding how you’ll deal with it if it does as this will help you to cope if it does happen.
  • Practice gratitude for the things you have in life. Utilise what you have for now and aspire to grow.