Physical health

Taking care of your physical health, by ensuring that you get the right amount of sleep for you, the types of foods that give you energy and make you feel good, and the right amount of physical activity that allows you to feel energised can make a lasting and positive difference to your resilience. Feeling physically well and healthy will enable youus to rise to the challenges of each day, and gives you the internal resources to quickly bounce back from illness and disease if and when they occur. 

  • Walk or cycle and drive less. A recent census revealed that only one in ten people walk to work, and one in thirty cycle. Studies suggest that for every one hour of walking, life expectancy may increase up to two hours, so start leaving the car at home.
  • Recruit a partner for support and encouragement, or join a group.
  • Set achieveable goals to sustain change by taking an incremental approach.
  • Stretch to relieve tension and stiffness at joints, and relieve the mid-afternoon energy slump at work.
  • At work, replace a coffee break with a ten minute walk.