Sharing a joke with another person can help to build relationships quickly - as common ground is often at the centre of laughter. Humour can put people at ease, reduce stress and help people to take themselves and their lives less seriously. When used appropriately, humour has been known to boost morale in the workplace, and make managers more approachable. However, be careful not to use humour to completely mask negative emotions. 
  • First, regain your smile - a smile and a laugh live in the same neighbourhood. Smiling is contagious, so make it a point to smile at people you come across in your day to day life and enjoy it when they smile back.
  • Cultivate the habit of laughing or making jokes.
  • Respond with humour rather than hostility when someone occasionally makes you angry or upset.
  • Look out for the funny side of bad situations rather than bemoaning them. Ask yourself if it is worth getting upset over, if it is irreparable or if it really is that bad.