• welcome to The Resilience Programme

    We work with both organisations and individuals to help reduce workplace stress and increase resilience, and our approach is both proven and effective. Here you can explore the approaches we use when working with organisations and the individuals and teams that work in them, and how our programme is designed to understand and respond to the unique needs of each.

  • imagine a more resilient workplace
    We could tell you about the ways in which we've reduced sickness absence to zero in big corporate organisations, but we're figuring that you've come to our website because you are a manager or leader who cares about the wellbeing of their staff and wants to make a difference, or because you're looking for ways in which to become more resilient yourself. 
    On the pages that follow you can read more about who we are, what we do and how we do it, but for now let us help you to picture a better future...
    We'd like to invite you to stop and do nothing for just a few minutes (can you remember the last time you did that?) and imagine a future where your team works well together, where conflict is minimal, where people understand, respect and support one another, where your ideas and creativity can flow and things just happen. How would that feel? What would you notice? 
  • a blend of services to achieve results

    We achieve results through organisational profiling, group workshops and seminars, individual one-to-one coaching sessions, experiential self support groups and a bespoke engagement and communications plan. Combining these approaches offers much more than each would in isolation: workshops provide the opportunity for shared learning and support, whilst coaching gives time and space for individuals to focus on their own personal challenges and goals. 

  • commit to continuous improvement

    We at The Resilience Programme feel strongly the need to continually grow, evolve and adapt what we do. We look to ourselves to explore what works for us. What makes us successful as a team? Why does creativity and energy flow when we sit in a room together? And how can we harness the journey we are on to support others on their journey? Our answers will continually evolve, but we’ve made some fascinating discoveries that we want to share.

  • resilience is a journey

    Building resilience is a journey for individuals as well as organisations, and therefore we have developed a core programme which can be complimented with additional activities to sustain the developments made. These include resilience groups, seminars, psychotherapy and interactive questionnaires to measure resilience. 

  • tackling the issues at source

    We understand that for organisations to benefit from a productive workforce, their employees need to understand not only how to manage stress, but to respond with resilience when faced with challenges.

  • the resilient mindset

    We offer a programme of support, designed to:

    • empower management and employees to take responsibility for, and manage their own wellbeing in the workplace
    • help increase resilience, job satisfacton and productivity for management and employees
    • help reduce stress-related sickness absence within the organisation by fostering a greater awareness and the positive ways in which pressure can be managed
    • explore ways in which existing channels of communication between management and staff can be used to enhance overall wellbeing in the organisation
  • Why choose us?

    The Resilience Programme has kept sickness absence due to work-related stress at zero for a key client for two years running. We have worked with both organisations and individuals to help reduce workplace stress and increase resilience, and our approach is both proven and effective. 

  • why invest in resilience?

    According to various reports into sickness absence within the workplace:

    • stress has forced one in five workers (19%) to call in sick, yet the vast majority of these (93%) say they have lied to their boss about the real reason for not turning up
    • the total number of cases of stress in 2010/11 was 400,000 out of a total of 1,152,000 for all work-related illnesses (HSE 2012)
    • presenteeism costs businesses 105 times more than sickness absence (AXA PPP)
    • British businesses lose an estimated £26 billion each year in sickness absence and lost productivity. With greater awareness and mental health support, Mind indicate businesses could save one third off these costs -  £8 billion a year’
  • why is resilience important?

    “Resilience is becoming increasingly important in our society. The pace that we lead our lives, both in and outside of work, is ever increasing. The need for individuals, teams and organisations to build and practice resilience has arguably never been greater. Although none of us know what challenges lie ahead, experience teaches that the mindset we bring to challenges is what gives us the ability to overcome obstacles and achieve greater things.”


  • why spend time on resilience when we are already busy?

    Building resilience takes time, effort and resources, and doesn't necessarily provide short term payoffs. When you're building resilience you are definitely looking to the long term. Think of those organisations who didn't focus on the future, didn't change or adapt to the world around them. Are they still around? Are they resilient? 

  • you're in safe hands

    Our team of highly experienced coaches have extensive backgrounds and personal experience in the field of human behaviour. This means that The Resilience Programmme can take people to a deep level of self-awareness and personal empowerment. 

This site is dedicated to resilience.

How can you become more personally resilient? How can you bring more resilience to your family, your workplace, any teams, groups and organisations you belong to, your community and the planet?

These are big questions which do not always have simple answers. The Resilience Programme is our contribution to helping you find these answers for yourself.

The Resilience Specialists.